The theme week light on egoFM - Interview with inio

Die Themenwoche Licht auf egoFM - Interview mit inio

Together with the radio station egoFM, the subject of light was discussed for a week. How does light affect our mood and performance?
What is chronobiology?

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Read our interview on egoFM with Anna

At inio, we believe that light is more than just a means to fight darkness. It's an important tool that can change our mood, improve our performance, and even affect our biological rhythm. This conviction led to the development of our innovative product, the inio daylight lamp.

Recently our lighting designer Michael Mayerhofer had the opportunity to share this vision and discuss the importance of light in our lives during a post on egoFM hosted by the lovely Anna.

A Focus on Light

The discussion touched on the concept of light and how it affects our lives, a topic that is often taken for granted. We don't normally think twice about flipping the switch when entering or exiting a room, but what happens in between? How important is it to have the right light? What does the "right light" even mean?

Michael dealt with these questions in the interview. He went into the basics of chronobiology and explained how much light influences our biorhythm. The revelations about how light affects our alertness, our ability to motivate, and even our sleep quality have been truly enlightening.


A personal journey

Michael's fascination with light arose from his personal struggle with significant sleep problems. His journey led him to learn more about the role of light in our lives, leading to the development of the inio lamp, which is "more than just a daylight lamp".

The lamp uses the latest LED technology to positively influence our circadian rhythms. This trait was inspired by the discovery in the early 2000s of an additional cell in the eye responsible for regulating our internal clock.

A solution to a problem

One problem that many of us have probably noticed is that in certain places, such as B. in hospitals and subways, is often perceived as uncomfortably bright or excessively weak. Michael pointed out that this is because these lights are designed for specific tasks, e.g. B. So that doctors and nurses can concentrate on their work.

Our inio lamp tries to solve this problem by mimicking the natural cycle of sunlight throughout the day, providing a balanced and comfortable light for everyone, from early risers to late night owls.

Unveiling of the inio lamp

When developing the inio lamp, the focus was on the user. It's not your typical lamp. With its modern design, available in three different colors, it stands out from the traditional metal and glass lamps found in offices.

But what really sets them apart is the intelligence behind them. It's not just about bringing the daylight cycle into your space. The inio lamp also allows individual adjustment to the personal rhythm of the user. It can promote concentration at important times of the day and support melatonin production for better sleep.


A natural intervention

While it might seem counterintuitive to use technology to affect something as natural as our circadian rhythms, Michael explains that it's actually a way to counteract our tendency to spend 80% of our time indoors, away from natural sunlight that our body longs for. The inio lamp brings much needed balance back to our lives.

Get your inio lamp today!

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of the inio lamp, you can buy it directly from our website at We believe that once you experience the effect of the right light in your life, you'll never want to go back.

Many thanks to Anna and egoFM for giving us the opportunity to share our vision. To a new light in our lives!

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