inio App

inio App

The inio app was developed as an indispensable companion for the inio one daylight lamp in order to fully exploit the advantages of Human Centric Lighting (HCL). It's not just about controlling the light, but also about adapting it to your own needs.

One of the key features of the inio App is the ability to adjust the light to your chronotype - whether you're a morning lark or a night owl. Based on this, the App can adjust the HCL curve to match your sleep preferences and provide you with optimal light throughout the day. This can improve your alertness, performance, and overall well-being by aligning your body clock with your surroundings and reducing the effects of social jet lag.

HCL mode can also be synchronized with your local time zone for a more accurate light profile. The light levels change smoothly, mimicking natural daylight, which can help regulate physiological processes in the body. The App also saves the HCL profile so that the lamp retains the settings even if there is a power failure.

Finally, the App offers predefined scenarios such as "Boost", "Pause" and "Relax". These scenarios feature different light configurations for different moments of the day - whether you need a boost of energy, a break to relax, or a quiet ambiance to unwind. Plus, you can create your own scenarios with the color temperature and brightness you want, giving you the flexibility to create an atmosphere that suits your mood and activity.

Overall, the inio App enhances the HCL experience by enabling a personalised, flexible and effective use of the inio daylight lamp, making light more than just a visual aid, but a means to improve your lifestyle.

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