Artificial light? But of course! Human Centric Lighting

Künstliches Licht? Aber natürlich! Human Centric Lighting

The need for daylight is a fundamental part of human biology. As we've evolved, we've spent much of our time outside, so natural light has a whole range of health benefits for us, from better sleep to a more positive mood...

… Generally speaking, at the beginning of the day our bodies should be exposed to a higher proportion of blue light with a particularly short wavelength and a higher light intensity. This improves alertness and performance, and also has major implications for resetting the circadian rhythm...

... Since so many of us regularly spend more time with artificial light than natural daylight, the difference to our health and well-being could be huge if there were artificial light that mimics the natural changes in light over a day.

Here is the full article from Merck:

Human Centric Lighting is the future | Merck (

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