Daylight Savings - How Mini Jetlag Affects Your Health

Zeitumstellung - Was der Mini-Jetlag mit eurer Gesundheit macht

"Light is the best way to adapt your body to new times. Light in the evening delays the inner biological rhythm, light in the morning advances it. So if you want to arrive as well as possible in the summertime, that means you have to focus on the evening light avoid (dimming lamps and screens), but make sure that there is a lot of light in the morning and in the morning (lamps on, lots of daylight, e.g. on the way to work) etc. The latter is made more difficult in spring, since the earlier working hours in the summertime often mean that you have to go back to work have to get up before sunrise. So: light on at home first thing in the morning - even if it's difficult."

Here is the full article on ARD Alpha:

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