Refurbished inio one Daylight Lamp

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Not new, but as good as new!

In the sense of our circular economy approach, we have decided to resell our exhibition copies, press and influencer lights and returns directly after a technical inspection to you, with full warranty period. Technically, the lights are flawless, major blemishes will be repaired, only minor signs of transport or use are to be expected.

With a lifetime of the lamp of >50,000 operating hours, the hours in shooting, exhibition or in test modeare not significant.

Available only upon availability.

  • Exceptionally bright: up to 2500 lumens & 10,000 lux
  • Course of the sun: Stepless warm white to cool white & dimming
  • Very durable: 50,000 operating hours
  • Risk-free: 60 days right of return & free return

What can the inio one do?

inio one gives you that extra portion of sun when you need it. Bright light with an increased blue content naturally lowers your melatonin levels. For example, you can avoid an afternoon slump or simply be fully productive exactly when you need it.

With the personalized light control via the inio App, the day starts with warm light in the morning, gets brighter and brighter as the day progresses and has a stimulating effect like the midday sun . From the late afternoon, the brightness reduces, the blue component decreases and prepares your body for the end of the day.

Macht Sonnenschein für 350 Euro glücklich? Profi Tageslicht-Lampe im Test

Does sunshine make you happy for 350 euros? Testing the professional daylight lamp

As with many indirect lights, the light from the inio One is very pleasant: nothing dazzles, the light is diffusely scattered by the reflection on the walls and ceiling and catches the eye over ...